Best Mother’s Day Gift ever

mbz interiors, how to celebrate mother's day, Mother’s Day is next week. I might get a lot of flack for this but I think there is one gift that would have been awesome to receive when my kids were babies and toddlers  ….





and that is Mom’s day out alone all day long on Mother’s Day. No kids, no husband….

What?! you ask. I’m not going to get all dressed up with my beautiful children in tow and shanty on into a restaurant for brunch? I’m not going to give them a bath, gussy them up like a shiny penny and take them to Grandma’s house? No, you are going to get up in the morning before the family awakes, put on your most comfortable jeans, head out the door with a pocketful of cash and do ANYTHING you want. You can go see a movie, window shop, actually shop, spend 4 hours in a book store with a latte, walk along the lakefront and then park yourself on a bench with a takeout Chinese lunch, get a hotel room and SLEEP, meet up with other Moms and talk about motherhood – or not  – and ________ (tired moms everywhere may fill in the blank here with a selfish wish).

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Once I heard Oprah state “every mother must always take time for yourself, you can’t be a good mother if you’re exhausted”. Well guess what Oprah. I had three children at a time when not one of them could dress themselves, feed themselves, protect themselves nor know what’s right or wrong without my constant guidance. At the time I heard you say this, I peed with the door open a crack, slept with one eye open, and showered in minutes. Nothing was going to happen to those precious beings on my watch. NOTHING! and to me (maybe not for everyone), that meant never ever thinking of only myself and letting up on my duties. Day in, day out. If you took a look at my calendar (highlighted with pink marker for J  – ice skating lessons at 9 , green marker for L – baseball at 5, purple marker for K – Girl Scout field trip, and blue marker for family – cousin’s birthday party at 3), you’d see there was no room on any given day for “me time”.  mbz interiors,

I thought about my children day and night, awake and in my sleep. Period! So if, when they were little, someone said “on this Mother’s Day you may go out for the entire day without your beautiful charges”, I would have gladly taken that gift. Now I’m truly not complaining about the wonderful Mother’s Day gifts I have received year after year and the time I spent with my babies back then – I’d gladly relive them in a heartbeat, I’m just saying that a rare gift idea for a Mom with young children on Mother’s Day would be to let her be alone for the day. And let’s be honest, the best part of that day for her would be coming home to her children 🙂

mbz interiors, That being said, let’s now jump ahead to the present because my children are grown. They’re awesome adults – truly awesome (sometimes I wonder “where did these fabulous young adults come from?”) What’s the Mother’s Day gift I desire every year? I ONLY WANT THE GIFT OF BEING WITH MY CHILDREN ON MOTHER’S DAY (funny how things change as life’s seasons change). I can’t wait to sit with them, eat with them, laugh with them, find out what they’ve been up to day in and day out now that they’re unattached from my hip and we’ll share a cocktail together. I’ll cook for them – yep, I’ll cook for them because one way I know to show my children how much I love them is to cook for them. They love my cooking – probably because it’s mine, it’s what they know. Not necessarily that I’m some terrific chef. It’s a privilege to do something for these people that bring me so much happiness. I don’t know how I got so lucky to win this Trifecta, to be given the 3 greatest gifts ever, but MY HEART SKIPS A BEAT WITH JOY EVERY TIME I SEE THEM PULL UP TO THE DRIVEWAY – MY CUP RUNNETH OVER.

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Those are my thoughts on gifts for Moms dear readers. Whatever stage you are in life with your precious gifts children, I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day! ♥

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4 thoughts on “Best Mother’s Day Gift ever

  1. This is such a great post, Mary Beth! Motherhood will not ever be a part of my life but I’ve heard my sisters and girlfriends speak these exact same words in the quiet conversations we have together. Half of them feel guilty for even feeling this way but I know it’s tough on them for sure. Thanks for being real about a job that at times seems thankless. Your kids are beautiful and I know it’s a blessing to love them as much as you do. Hugs, CoCo

    1. Thanks Coco. Every woman is a Mom, you’re just one to a worldwide blog world – sharing and teaching us how to keep a happy ‘n beautiful home. I know you’ll have a wonderful time celebrating with your Mom xxo 🙂

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