True confessions

How was your Easter, dear readers? Unfortunately, the Bunny left his whole family behind right smack-dab in the middle of our lawn. The herd was found by Harry-Beast on Easter morning. (sigh! they’re really not the smartest tools in the shed. They know a hunting dog lives here I’m sure of it).


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Although we did have a lamb cake yesterday, we skipped the ham and green bean casserole and instead had an untraditional outdoor Easter party. We bar-b-q’d hamburgers and chicken served alongside homemade salads. Speaking of cake, I am writing this down to make myself accountable for my actions – and putting it out there for all the world my handful of blog followers to see.

I lost some weight  and gained back 2. My excuse? Well for one, I really thought I’d be down like 50 lbs. or so since I cut down my sugar intake by about 90%, have not had a slice bread since like forever and have been walking 2 miles every day. (Oh, what I wouldn’t give to have a pbj on white bread with a glass of cow’s milk right about now!) Then we had a deluge of rain so I stopped walking and ate comfort food.

Now I’ve got to get back on track. This morning I am having my banana and strawberry smoothie for breakfast (no almond butter) while reading Martha Stewart’s latest magazine before I head for a walk and then back in front of the computer.

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yellow daisies, Before I go, thank you Dear Daughter Jessica for the beautiful yellow flowers and  I’ll leave you with this gorgeous room from Martha Stewart’s LIVING Magazine. I love yellow. I’m wondering if Dear Husband would agree to paint our window frames.  ♥

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