Would you live in a home built in the 1700s?

I would live in a 1700s home only if it was restored, renovated and decorated by Jeff Devlin, host of the tv show Stone House Revival.

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They call him a master carpenter and there’s no doubt about it, he certainly is. But he’s also awesome at decorating! Although the homes are built in the 1700s, (found in Pennsylvania where Jeff lives and raises his family), the homes have a modern aesthetic mixed in with authentic character. As a designer, he’s able to leave the bones and history of the homes but make the rooms functional, livable and 21st Century beautiful.

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When I first saw the beginning of his show – all shows begin with Jeff on his way to a 1700s home to restore and he talks about the history of the house, I thought “Here’s a guy who loves wood which probably means everything’s brown, dark and dreary. Little  house on the prairie style is not for me” but for some reason I continued to watch. The finale was amazing and I’ve been hooked ever since.

farmhouse sink, mbz interiors, In all the renovations, Jeff adds a handmade hand crafted item, like this farmhouse sink cabinet.




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He always uses stone or wood from the property too. Would Laure Ingalls Wilder love this bathtub?

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Everything is fresh and bright, that’s what I love about it. The brightness of the rooms.

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I’m definitely a fan of Stone house decorating! How about you? Are you going to watch the premiere tonight?



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