Nate & Jeremiah by Design TLC review

nate berkus daughter poppy, is nate berkus married?, Did you see it? did you see Nate & Jeremiah’s premiere show last night?

Of course the show did not disappoint, especially the reveal. The shocking part was the before. The couple whose home needed renovation and redesign lived in a home with their children that was totally gutted. Totally! Not a wall in place and they were cooking off a hotplate. I’ve never seen anything like it!

nate & jermiah by design,










Then Nate and his husband Jeremiah came in (with their adorable daughter Poppy) and made the place look like a million bucks. Nate had a custom removable slipcover made for the ottoman, excellent choice! Thank you to them for stating some of the prices of some of the custom pieces. Many of my clients, with a fairly low budget for their entire living room design, ask for something they saw on TV or Pinterest and seem to underestimate the cost for things. But I digress…. Let’s get to the good stuff

nate & jeremiah by design living room,

glass and pipe shelving, nate & jeremiah by design,

mbz interiors kitchen design, nate & jeremiah by design, buy relaxed roman shade,

























Gorgeous! Nate & Jeremiah by Design is definitely going to be my favorite new decorating show this year. ♥

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