Going on a Book Hunt

black and white nursery, mbz interiors, I’m excited that I’m decorating a baby boy nursery this week. Could there be a happier room to decorate? He hasn’t even made it into the world yet and I’m thinking ahead, making sure the room can transition into his toddler and boyhood years ….




we're going on a bear hunt book,


The theme is an out-in-the-wild nursery – with cute animal heads on the wall, faux bear skin rug and a cute hedgehog lamp to read by. I included the book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. I had the hardest time remembering the title of the book from my kids’ childhood but I knew I had to include it in the design.

Everyone has their favorite book containing animal characters …

Goodnight Moon

goodnight moon book,






brown bear brown bear, eric carle, Another bear book, Brown Brown Bear (or anything by Eric Carle is wonderful)




Nate the Great is a cute starter series for boys when they begin to read on their own. One of the characters is a creepy girl who always wears black and has a black cat. She’s obsessed with Nate

nate the great book,









for family read-aloud nights, there’s Mr. Popper’s Penguins

mr. popper's penguins,

and if you want to cry your eyes out as family (doesn’t everyone?), grab your box of tissues and these great books …

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

the miraculous journey of edward tulane, bunny book,








The Last Wolf of Ireland





Does your family have a favorite storybook? ♥



animal lamp, hedgehog, target, black and white teepee,




















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4 thoughts on “Going on a Book Hunt

  1. These are all such great recommendations and I love the ideas you have for the room too. I’ll love you forever is also a tear jerker as is the one my mom bought me for my birthday this year…Take Heart, My Child…it’s really good. Hugs, CoCo

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