Eat this (quiche) not that!

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You thought I disappeared, didn’t you? I’ve been blessed with work so not a lot of time to blog but I have been meaning to write this post. Remember when I “showcased” my healthy crustless quiche? Well that very same day one of my favorite bloggers, The Preppy Empty Nester, showed us her luncheon. I looked at her post and looked back at mine and heard Whomp Whomp! OMG! what a beautiful spread  table Katie prepared for her guests …

No paper plates or thrift store dishes at this table, no sirree! Katie’s from out East and her home is refined and gorgeous. (Head over there and take the tour) But Katie’s a hoot, she has that slightly sarcastic dry sense of humor and you’ll pee in your pants laughing while reading her posts.

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Preppy Empty Nester
















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Preppy Empty Nester

Oh, and I have to mention that she has a dear husband – she calls him “The Mister” who wears bow ties and can cook up a storm, like these gorgeous personal quiches (is the plural quiche or quiches?) She has pretty grown daughters and the cutest pups too – one of them is named Chowdah – now how cute and East coast is that?

But back to the luncheon …. It’s OK, I’m looking around the kitchen too, gorgeous right?




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Preppy Empty Nester












and the dining room (oh, that chandy!) …

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Preppy Empty Nester











So if you want to see more yummy goodness and learn how to properly set a table, head over to Katie’s place

(all photos are the property of Katie at the Preppy Empty Nester blog. Thanks for sharing Katie)




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