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Rise and Shine li’l Bebe – a Nursery E-design

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What better room to design than a nursery, right? And what better Shower or Welcome to your New Home gift than an E-design Gift Certificate for the new mommy-to-be!




My client Kate already had some terrific furniture passed down to her from relatives and she made the baby a macramé piece of art too. The room is 10′ x 10′, not terribly large but if anyone’s an expert at decorating small spaces, it’s me (if I may say so myself). I knew I’d have to maximize storage space with wall shelves and a narrow dresser in the closet for all those itty bitty shoes and socks…

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We started out with a Concept Board. I envisioned a regal nursery, with Anchor Gray paint and plush pinks. I thought this plan could take Bebe well into toddler and even teenhood ……
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Kate loved the idea of new knobs on the borrowed dresser ………mbz interiors, anchor gray paint,









However, once I got to know Kate, I found out she envisioned more of a vintage-sweet nursery, not too daring and not so regal. She was wondering if we could bring in more rustic elements to mix with her modern-style furniture. I told Kate no worries and headed back to the drawing board to shuffle a few items, toss some furnishings and bring in some new  …..

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I then added a touch of this and a touch of that ………… and VOILA here’s the nursery, all spic-and-span and ready for Bebe! (tap on photos to step inside)……….

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I wish all the best to Kate and her new li’l family. To get your own E-design started with me as your personal designer or inquire about an E-design Gift Certificate, press this link ♥


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