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A campaign chest from trash to treasure

mbz interiors, vintage campaign dresser for sale, If you saw my post about my office shelves, you know that I found them in the trash. Well, the same home that discarded the shelves in their trash also tossed this campaign chest. I have always dreamed of owning a campaign chest but they can run from $500 to over $1000.  A true antique campaign chest can be folded or broken down for travel. Brass corners and recessed pulls are indicative of campaign furniture.

The corners and pulls on my dresser are real brass. How do I know? I took a magnet off the fridge and tested to see if the magnet would stick. The magnet did not stick so these handles are real brass.

I did try to clean the pulls. I squeezed half a lemon’s juice in a bowl. I then added 1 Tbls. of baking soda and made a paste. I let the paste sit on the handle for 10 minutes. I even took half a lemon and added sea salt to it and scrubbed the same pull. But the handle never cleaned to the finish that I desired. (See last photo, the pull in the middle is the “clean” pull)

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how to clean brass, best metallic spray paint, So, you know me. And my apologies to the purists ……… I got out my trusty metallic spray paint and painted all the pulls pretty.




By now you’re probably wondering how the dresser turned out. Well since I was heading out for the day with our daughters, Dear Husband was sweet enough to paint the dresser. He first sanded the piece and rolled on the paint to a smooth finish. …. and Ta-Dah ………. It was like Christmas morning when I came back home ……

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