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Sequins and Lace Design (or What in the World has Meg been up to?)

meg disanto, meg briars disanto, Remember Dear Niece Meg? On this blog she’s been sweet enough to share DIY projects, designation wedding guides and she even let us in on her own wedding. If you’ve been following, you’re aware that she owns an Etsy shop too – Sequins and Lace Design ….

Sequins and lace design,




Let’s see some of Meg’s latest creations, shall we?

I don’t know why but this baby gift/nursery decor brings tears to my eyes, makes me very emotional …

best nursery gift, globe decor, sequins and lace design,

















and this  custom jewelry is THE PERFECT gift for mother’s day …

sequins and lace design,














Did you know that Meg has the best sense of humor? It’s not hard  to get a laugh out of Meg, lemmee tell you …

sequins and lace design,

















Like most of us, Meg loves serving guests a good cocktail and it looks like “Donna” is one lucky recipient of Meg’s hand-crafted personalized glassware …….

sequins and lace design,









dressed to kale tshirt, For more lusciousness and to shop till you drop, head to Meg’s shop by pressing this link. Tell her Aunt Mary sent you 😉

This is not a sponsored post, just written in the spirit of business-women camaraderie. All photos and logo are copyrighted product belonging to the very fabulous Mrs. Megen Briars Disanto. ♥



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