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Lasagna roll-ups with surprise ingredient

vegetable lasagna recipe, mbz interiors kitchen design, Another food post? Well, I’m doing pretty good on watching what I eat, drinking Almond Milk (sugarless) and trying to avoid anything that comes packaged and only trying to eat “fresh”. However, I’m constantly thinking about food and on the weekends I have to have carbs and dairy.



This recipe for my VEGGIE LASAGNA ROLL-UPS is not difficult but lots of steps. The kids were over last weekend and so they are now considered company and this is a lovely dinner suited for company. There’s a surprise ingredient in here too so pay attention and don’t skip ….

Cook LASAGNA NOODLES as package directs. Drain and sprinkle with olive oil so they won’t stick together while your preparing the next steps. While lasagna is cooking, saute chopped RED PEPPER, GREEN PEPPER, and CARROTS in a bit of butter + olive oil …….

In a bowl, mix RICOTTA and 1 EGG together. Add chopped KALAMATA OLIVES (surprise!), fresh chopped BASIL, dried OREGENO, Salt & Pepper.








Spread the RICOTTA MIXTURE on the LASAGNA NOODLES, then sprinkle some VEGGIES on top of that and Roll ’em up. Place each roll side by side in a BAKING DISH sprayed with NON-STICK SPRAY…..







Top the rolls with SAUCE (I use jar or get some homemade from your neighborhood Italian deli), then add chopped FRESH MUSHROOMS and a sprinkle of shredded (or fresh) MOZZARELLA CHEESE …………..

vegetable lasagna,











Cover and BAKE AT 350 degrees till heated through and bubbly (about 45 minutes) ….

Serve on small plates (like my skinny sister in law Maria does – thanks for tip Maria!) so that you don’t over indulge but still enjoy your carbs and dairy over the weekend.♥

vegetable lasagna, mbz interiors kitchen,















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