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Is your house Holiday-ready?

Fair warning, this isn’t just a peek into my current project but it’s a shameless ad to get you to hire me and get your home ready for holiday guests…..

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Michele of Tinley Park. She and her husband and family had just moved from one house to another and wanted help in transitioning. Michele wanted to use much of the furniture she had in their previous home, wanted to make plans for some remodeling and wanted to know how to update her furnishings. First and foremost, I had to get Michele out of her “all beige” comfort zone and I did that by introducing indigo blues, along with art and lamps that had more oomph than the ones she brought with her …..

holiday decorating, sherwin williams twilight gray, indigo blue pillows, tinley park home for sale, MBZ Interiors, blue and beige living room,









In our initial phone conference, Michele said they were going to remodel the kitchen but first they wanted to paint the walls. I asked her in that case why not contact me later for the remodel and we’ll talk about paint then? She said no – she wanted the current paint gone for the holidays. I was intrigued, how bad could the paint color be? Well, let’s take a look (“before” photos from Zillow) …. 

sherwin williams tinley park, tinley park home for sale, kitchen remodeling MBZ Interiors,








YIKES! I said run, don’t walk, to the paint store Michele. And so she did.

AAAAHHHH, the power of paint! What do you think of the After photos now that the new paint is on the walls? (Here’s Michele asking me if the wall piece they had in their previous home would look good in the kitchen – I love it!)

sherwin williams palos heights, painting Twilight Gray Sherwin Williams, home for sale Tinley Park,









home for sale tinley park, Twilight Gray Sherwin Williams, I also had recommended that Michele get rid of the previous owner’s color-blocking and that she take the paint color all the way down the stairs into the family room and up the stairs through the bedroom hallway.





Speaking of the family room, another future project is updating the fireplace in the family room (before photo from Zillow):

remodel your fireplace mbz interiors,





And here’s the Storyboard I created for this project, suggesting we remove the brick, cover with drywall and add shelves on either side of the fireplace:

fireplace remodel by MBZ interiors Palos Heights, interior designer orland park,









  • Do you like my plan for Michele’s fireplace remodel?
  • If you live in or about Palos Heights, do you need help in freshening your home and making it the retreat you deserve?
  • Do you want your home to be welcoming for holiday guests?
  • Or are you planning an all-out remodeling of your home?

My Residential Projects Fee is Flat Rate, not hourly, so there are no surprises for you. Don’t try to go it alone, make it easy on yourself and send me an email at, I’d love to work with you! ♥


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