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EZ Stovetop Pepper Steak Stroganoff

beef stroganoff recipe, summer little league baseball sign up Palos Heights, MBZ InteriorsHappily, the days are summery hot and busy with time spent at the town’s public pool and little league baseball games. But you still have to eat. Make it something on the stovetop if you’re not grillin’ outside (cuz it’s hot outside!) and make it fresh, quick ‘n easy.

First, cut up fresh peppers (any kind you like – red, yellow, green or all!) and half an onion. Take a gallon-sized storage baggie and fill it with 1/3 cup of flour. Season the flour with salt, pepper, and paprika. Toss the meat (which is already cut up for you) in the baggie and coat the meat with the seasoned flour. Melt 2 Tbls. butter and a sprinkle of olive oil in your skillet (the olive oil prevents the butter from burning). Brown your peppers and onions. Then add another 2 Tbls. butter and a sprinkle of olive oil and then the meat to the skillet. Brown the meat until it looks browned, like this …

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Add 1 cup of red or white wine and 3 cups chicken or beef stock to the pan (if you don’t have wine, that’s OK – you may skip it from the recipe but add more stock). Simmer on low for 40 minutes. The sauce will thicken as it cooks. While the meat is cooking, make buttered noodles or rice, whichever your family prefers…..

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Serve the meat on top of the noodles or rice. Let the kids take the dinner out to the picnic table in the yard and remind them that they are dining Al Fresco. Enjoy!

beef stroganoff recipe, pioneer woman,













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