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How does your garden grow?

gardening, lily of the valley, growing lilacs, country kitchen decor, I’ve been absent from writing and keeping in touch, dear readers. It’s spring after all and there’s the WPG to be done – Work, Play and Gardening. I try to do my designing in the early morning and try, try very hard, to have phone calls returned, appointments scheduled and to be done with work by noon – or 2 PM at the latest. I think of this seasonal lifestyle change as a brain detox.

I just got the latest Country Living magazine in the mail. I know I can read it on my Ipad but there’s nothing like taking a magazine and a glass of wine outside on the patio in the early evening. My kitchen’s modern style but in the summer I get a hankering to go country… windows thrown wide open and fresh flowers picked weekly to decorate the house.  Country decorating’s all about using what you have – a colander or creamer become vases, the children’s old play furniture is pulled out into the garden to get even crustier and chippier standing in the elements. There’s memories of calling the children off the swing-set or out of the kiddie pool to take newspaper outside and shuck the corn or pick some fresh tomatoes from the garden for dinner. Those are my jobs now and nightly dinners aren’t as big as they used to be.

country living magazine, mbz interiors garden,










Oh and it’s Dear Husband’s birthday today! I’ll take a walk to our local bakery and pick him up a few eclairs. Unusual birthday cake but that’s his favorite dessert – and you know I can’t bake worth a hill of beans! (Let’s use country expressions too, shall we?) The children will visit this weekend to celebrate so I’ll tidy up the house and put fresh flowers throughout to welcome them.

pink bleeding hearts in the garden, dog statue with flower basket for sale,











golden retriever, mbz interiors, My favorite flower is Lily of the Valley. Our lilies grow right alongside the pink bleeding hearts. See the dog statue? I purchased it at an estate sale years ago for $10 right after our first beloved Golden passed.





I’m off to the bakery – have a beautiful week, dear readers. Drop me a line here and tell me, How does your Garden grow? And Dear Husband, I hope your day at work today is just as fun as riding a trike with your Grandpa! đŸ˜‰

















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