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Using what you have in home design

lesson facebookA lot of clients ask me if they can use certain pieces of existing furniture in a new home design. And yes, much of the time we do include some family loved pieces. The pieces make the home interesting and personal and many times I’ll use something as a jumping off point in the design. However, I’m also honest – some things, if they remain in the design, will throw off the entire plan and then they have to go or be moved to another room.

Here are two recent E-designs I created for clients. For privacy sake, I won’t show you the rooms’ Before photos, but I will show you peeks of the pieces of furniture we left in the new design. 

This laundry room is long and narrow with an existing small sink and no storage. The homeowners have a beautiful new front loading washer and a dryer. By adding storage (utilizing available vertical space)and then adding happy wallpaper, painting the cabinet and installing new shiny french gold knobs, the space is functional and a nice place to be while doing laundry.

laundry Collage














The design for this home office included an existing rug and a family desk. By painting the desk white and the hardware gold, the desk will step out of the 80s and into the 21st Century for this young couple.

office march THIS












So you can certainly use existing furniture pieces in your new design but it’s best to transition the pieces by giving the furniture a fresh coat of paint or recovering with a new fabric. Trust me when I tell that Grandma, who might have left you that furniture and is now in a better place, could care less that you tweaked her things to accommodate your style. I have a few pieces of furniture passed down from the family myself. I told the kids they may have the furniture if they want it and to paint, recover, or change the pieces in any way they wish in order to make it their own.  😉

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