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I’m the Boss! Lesson 101 (New Office Supplies)

how to succeed as an entrepreneurIf you’re just joining the blog, I have a feature every month or so called I’m the Boss, Lesson 101 where I give advice on running an office and working with employees – the correct way!

Today’s a fun post (for me). My kids say that I am obsessed with office supplies. I stopped into Staples last week just to take a look around. Like some fashionistas who window shop on the Mag Mile, I hang out at Staples.

designer's graph paper portfolio, designer's workbook, how to make a floor plan, If you’re a designer, you’re going to love this deal – $2.99 for this project workbook. Before I create my clients’ floor plans using my Online Program, I hand draw it and play with my furniture stickers. Very reminiscent of my Colorforms I used play with as a kid. This project workbook has hundreds of pages of graph paper that can easily be torn out of the sturdy binder. There’s a plastic sleeve folder to slip your graph paper in and draw your floor plans with a dry erase marker. My removable furniture stickers work great on the plastic sleeve. There are holes on every piece of paper so that you can slip the plan into your client’s folder.


show to make a floor plan, designer's portfolio, decorating class in Palos Heights,













I got a giant box of green pencils for $1.99. I usually like pink but I couldn’t pass ¬†up the deal and they’re still pretty. Remember my advice – No Yellow Pencils!

green pencils, Don't let anyone dull your Sparkle quote, Sugar Paper planner, Target office supplies, Target planner,



















Martha Stewart office supplies, Martha Stewart folder, Sherwin Williams paint, I also picked up some Martha Stewart folders – they’re closed on 2 sides and are vertical folders, rather than horizontal. I had a Color Consult at a client’s home in the next town over last week. Her furniture was in a beautiful color palette and she greeted me wearing aqua eyeglasses! (Too fun, thank you Carol). Anyway, she does not use email so I snail-mailed her the paint chips in one of these folders. I think she’ll be pleasantly surprised opening her mail.

Have you purchased fun office supplies lately?




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