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Applying and removing vinyl Wall Decal Accent Designer Stickers

hobby lobbyI’m not painting the children’s bathroom anytime soon (although the room needs a real good makeover); however, the vinyl wall stickers that I installed years and years and years ago are beginning to pull away from the wall and it looked messy and it bothered me to look at it. The quote was “Splish Splash I was taking a bath”. So I removed it from the wall this past weekend and, when I was almost finished, I thought there might be a blog post out of this chore.

bath 2 (2)












I can’t remember the brand of wall accent sticker that I used but I do remember that it came in a tube, similar to the first photo that you see above. The directions stated a warning that it may damage some walls. I remember it was really easy to install and I’m here to tell you that it is just as easy to remove. You rub a damp rag over the words and then VOILA, peel the letters away. It did not damage my walls, though there is the very slightest shadow and if you look very closely you can see a hint that something was once on the wall. Either wall paint fades over the  years or the walls need one heck of a good scrubbing and paint job (I’m guessing the latter is correct-oh-mundo!)

bath 2 (1)











I also recall why I decided to install this vinyl wall decal. I originally had seen a large canvas piece of art that I had wanted to hang in that bathroom but I imagined the kids slamming open the bathroom door and the art falling or getting damaged.  I thought the best thing for my family was this quote that looked like a stencil but was much easier and quicker to install and was perfect for the wall behind a door.

One of the examples of a colorful child’s room on the Powerpoint Presentation at my Color Workshops is this ….

bath 3
mix and chic











I really like the idea of putting these vinyl wall stickers on a piece of canvas, instead of directly on the wall. More art-looking and less crafty. Don’t you agree?




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