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Top 15 Things I Want for Christmas (#15)

Interior designer palos heights illinois, DIY Advent Calendar, MBZ Interiors Christmas, OK my friends, can you believe it’s December 1st? Let’s get counting. If you remember, this month on the blog I’ll be daily counting down the Top 15 Things I Want for Christmas (in design, that is – of course I want world peace and good will toward men!) Some of my wants might be a little inaccessible and a bit fantasy.  Let’s look into pocket #15 on my DIY Countdown Calendar ….



To be neighbors with Bill and Giuliana.


That’s right, they have purchased a brownstone in Chicago and it’s stunning! I’d like to visit every day looking to borrow a cuppa sugar and I’m sure Giuliana would insist that I stay to have a cup of coffee on that patio ………..










































Which room is your favorite, dear readers, and have any of you seen the couple strolling through the ‘hood?

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