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Halloween cupcake costume – witch’s hat

Halloween will be here before you know it. Are you ready with snacks and treats for your boys & ghouls girls? Let’s make some cupcakes (or buy them at the bakery already made, like I do) and dress them up in costume. (witch’s hat milk glass and towel are from Home Goods)

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Keebler sugar cones, Halloween craft, Chocolate covered sugar cone, make a witch hat,


To make the costume (witch’s hat), melt hard shell chocolate according to package directions. Spread the chocolate, using the back of a spoon, over a sugar cone. Place on waxed paper or tin foil and let harden in the fridge for a few minutes.

Place a cupcake paper upside down over top of frosted cupcake and place the chocolate-coated sugar cone over the paper. VOILA!

To make a black plate, take china plates purchased for pennies from garage sale or thrift store and spray paint with chalkboard paint.  You can write a guest’s name or spooky words around the edge of the plate. Do you like this project, dear readers? I had fun making it!

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