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LOOK! I spy ……

Back in October I spied real life pups living in beautiful spaces (if you missed it, you can see it here). Today I’m spying animals found on and around home décor – look closely ….

Everyone loves a dog somewhere. How about Karianne’s dog pillow, looks like Harry-Beast to me ….

dog on pillow thistlewood farms
Thistlewood Farms











and more dogs here and here …..

dog on art project nursery
dog on pillow
vintage revivals




























You’ve all seen my cow print (hung in homage to the original owner of our 1940s farmhouse – he was the town’s milkman) …

untitled (5)
MBZ Interiors









and holy cow, look at Karen’s beautiful entry  with her cow print …..

untitled (3)
karens up on the hill
















deer live love in the home
live love in the home






Just when I thought I was over roosters in the kitchen (or maybe I’m just in love with this kitchen) ….




I found this sweet shoppe on Will Taylor’s blog …..

bright bazaar blog
Bright Bazaar Blog













I really want this vintage horsehead coat hook ….

Elements of style












deer xmas
MBZ Interiors




I still love deer and stag heads in the home. This was my drawing last Christmas …




This is such a pretty mural in a little girl’s playroom ….

















and please tell me this is a guy’s college dorm room and not a place where a little boy sleeps !!! Sweet dreams, dear readers …..

deer three


dog art residents understood diamond stencil
residents understood


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