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A new Client & mood board


MBZ Interiors

I have a new client and I’m very excited to bring a new commercial space to life (If you’re interested in opening a restaurant or a boutique retail shoppe in prime location in Palos Heights, there’s currently space available to lease).

The best way to start my vision of the public common areas is with a mood board. After all, you don’t get on the expressway at point A without knowing where you want to end up at Point B.This enables me to stay on track with a cohesive design and it enables my client to visually see my ideas. He can then accept or reject my ideas.

Many times, particularly with E-Design clients, I just use my laptop to create a storyboard, like this …




But I still love the old-school mood boards, where I cut and paste actual photos, wallpaper & paint samples, flooring etc. This type of mood board is set up in my office all day and I pass by it and can move pieces around or edit the board in an easy instant.


Do you have a mood board in your home or office? How fun if lots of readers sent me photos of their own mood boards and I did another post about it in the future. Yep, I said HOW FUN, DEAR READERS!! Join the party – don’t be shy, let’s see your mood boards and share! I’ll link to your blog – if you have one – and even if you don’t have a blog, let’s see a photo of your mood board, ‘kay? Get your photos and links in by April 16, Thanks!  😉


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