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A new Client & mood board


MBZ Interiors

I have a new client and I’m very excited to bring a new commercial space to life (If you’re interested in opening a restaurant or a boutique retail shoppe in prime location in Palos Heights, there’s currently space available to lease).

The best way to start my vision of the public common areas is with a mood board. After all, you don’t get on the expressway at point A without knowing where you want to end up at Point B.This enables me to stay on track with a cohesive design and it enables my client to visually see my ideas. He can then accept or reject my ideas.

Many times, particularly with E-Design clients, I just use my laptop to create a storyboard, like this …

MBZ Interiors











But I still love the old-school mood boards, where I cut and paste actual photos, wallpaper & paint samples, flooring etc. This type of mood board is set up in my office all day and I pass by it and can move pieces around or edit the board in an easy instant.

Here are some other mood boards, some for interior design and some for fashion.

Shea McGee


















If you’re not in fashion or design, you can create a mood board just full of pretty pictures (maybe you’re dreaming of creating a flower garden) or full of inspirational quotes if you are a writer.

I love this chicken wire board ….

lemon squeezy home
lemon squeezy home


















You can have a mood board for swatches and chips next to a blackboard wall like this (Love!) …

house seven blogspot
house seven blogspot





















or you can start with a pretty corkboard like this below or you can use a foam board, as I do for clients ….

mood jessica bradley
Jessica Bradley


















mood rug company
the rug company
mood shrimp salad circus
shrimp salad circus
mood urban comfort
urban comfort

mood fashion mood last




































































Do you have a mood board in your home or office? How fun if lots of readers sent me photos of their own mood boards and I did another post about it in the future. Yep, I said HOW FUN, DEAR READERS!! Join the party – don’t be shy, let’s see your mood boards and share! I’ll link to your blog – if you have one – and even if you don’t have a blog, let’s see a photo of your mood board, ‘kay? Get your photos and links in by April 16, Thanks!  😉


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