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When you dress in the morning, you put on a suit and layer it with a belt, shirt, shoes and a tie. Or you don’t just put on a dress – you put on heels too and jewelry. The layering makes the outfit look so much different than when you first started getting dressed, right?

I always tell my clients to think in layers.  This is a challenge for them because I might present a color for the walls or a piece of furniture and they wrinkle their nose or say it is is “out of their comfort zone”. But I ask them to imagine the color or the piece of furniture layered with everything else I previously showed them. Often I have to put a photo together or a little sketch.

Did you ever see the Candice Olson decorating show on TV? At the beginning of the show, she would show the client a sketch like this …..

but I am pretty sure the room was actually put together and THEN she drew this sketch.

Decorating and working with an interior decorator is a journey. The trip never turns out as you imagined on the first sit-down meeting with your decorator …. It turns out even better. It’s actually a surprise for you and the decorator.

So let’s play a game (Hoo Boy! remember last week when we played Fictional Client? This is similar). Let’s say you are my client and you are a, oh I don’t know, bridal consultant. You want me to decorate your home office where you meet with the brides-to-be. You tell me you like rustic with a little bit of industrial chic and you adore that TV show Fixer Upper with the husband and wife design team, Chip and Joanna Gaines. So we clear out your room (we’re keeping the lamp, photos, desk accessories that you already have).

I bring this table into the office to use as a desk, what do you think about it?

MBZ Interiors

Not too much, huh? You’re thinking – maybe I don’t like rustic after all? or – why did my sister refer this lady to me?

But then I add this chair.

desk 2
MBZ Interiors

and now  you think – Well, I do like that chair. I like the color and I like that it’s tufted.

So then I add a little more, I bring in your lamp and a new lumbar pillow. C’mon now, I don’t think your imagination has kicked in yet, has it?

desk 3
MBZ Interiors

So then more of your things …

desk 4
MBZ Interiors

(raise your hand if you noticed I replaced the original shade on the lamp with a new bigger and brighter shade. If so, give yourself a gold star)

and then I swoop in with the finale just like on the TV show and ask “Bridal Consultant, y’all ready to see your new office!?” –  This journey with me turned out to be a very nice trip after all, didn’t it?

desk 5 last
MBZ Interiors




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