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It’s 10 AM, Do you know where your followers are?

(Photo, MBZ Interiors)

I won’t be posting on weekends but it’s my one week anniversary as a blogger tomorrow. Happy Anniversary to MBZ Interiors! (because I don’t know that anyone but me is reading this). I believe I’m getting a bit better at this blogging on Word Press, learning as I go. If anyone has any suggestions for me, feel free to Comment. I need all the help I can get.I’ve already changed my blog photo header, and learned how to link to my favorite-places-to-go-on-the-web … WHOO HOO!

I have plans for some new features on the blog, stay tuned.

I will keep on writing about my passion – decorating – and celebrate today with a glass of champagne and a Twinkie. I might even share the Twinkie with my big hairy sidekick because he seems to think everything I do is awesome – He’s such a fan. Look at that tail go ………..  and that drool ………………….. well, I’m just speechless!  (yes, it’s the dog. Who else were you imagining I was calling big and hairy?)

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