How to take displaying your kids’ art to a whole new level

harold and the purple crayon book, how to display your kids' art, True confession: I’m obsessed with lamps. When I go to Home Goods, the first place I make a beeline for is the lamp department. I move my lamps from room to room. I even have lamps stored in a closet – I’ll bring some out and bring some in as I desire a change. Weird but true!

When I come across something that takes designing your home to a whole new level, I love to share. Check out these lamps from Circa Lighting! They’re multi-purpose and also serve as art display stands. Sounds cheesy but they really are beautiful, aren’t they?

Circa lighting art display lamp

circa lighting art display lamp,

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This lamp is just another way to beautifully display your childrens’ artful creations. I did a little computer magic and put my own kids’ art onto these lamps….


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Of course you can put a framed photo or even a special postcard on display too. What do you think dear readers, would you love to have a lamp like this in your home?